Available products: O-ringsWashers, Gaskets, Sheet, Strip, Mouldings, Extrusion, O-ring cords

Polyurethane (AU/EU) polymers exhibit high tensile strength, excellent abrasion and tear strength, making them the toughest of all elastomers 올레 체 neo 다운로드. Compression set and heat resistance are inferior to other elastomers such as Nitrile. These materials may be suitable for hydraulic applications that have abrasive contaminants or shock loads 다운로드. Ether based Urethanes (EU) are suited to lower temperature applications, whilst Ester Urethanes are offer improved abrasion, heat and oil swell resistance 다운로드. The service temperature for these compounds is -40°C to 100°C.

May be used for Should not be used for
Abrasion resistance
Drive belts
Petroleum fluids
Brake fluids
High temperature
Hot water
Oxygenated solvents
Poor compression set

Polyurethane O-rings are becoming more commonly stocked, however the available sizes are usually inch based O-ring sizes (BS1806/AS568A) 유튜브 뮤직 pc 다운로드. Polyurethane is available as O-ring cord, washer, gasket, sheet and strip products.